We are proud to officially announce the online-only sale of a very limited edition of 300 pieces of "Derek's Limited Edition Tiki Magazine Mug". The mug measures 9 3/8" and holds 24 oz. (it's a big'n!) There is a multi-color decal fired on the reverse. Additional images coming soon.



Please be sure that you have the available funds in the amount of $25.00 (plus tax if in CA) plus $10.95 shipping for 1 mug or $50.00 plus $12.95 shipping for 2 mugs if shipping within the United States. We do ship internationally and international orders will be quoted freight on an order-by-order basis via email.

Please be prepared to have the following information ready when you place your order.

1. Your Name
2. Your Shipping Address
3. Your Telephone Number
4. Your email address
5. Valid Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) number and expiration date.

PLEASE READ:We have no control over the amount of orders that come through for our limited edition merchandise. Ultimately, there is a possibility that the number of orders exceeds the number of mugs available. We do our best to shut down the shopping cart when the run has sold-out but we cannot control orders that are being processed while we shut down the cart, or if you are able to still order because the page has been saved in your cache. Should your order be placed successfully but after the run has sold-out, we will send you an email notifying you so.


PLEASE NOTE - FOR ALL ORDERS: For all orders a "signature is required for delivery" You must give us a physical address where there will be somebody to sign for the mug. If any mugs are returned to Tiki Farm due to non-signature a $15 service fee plus $10.95 will be charged to re-ship the mug ($12.95 for 2 mugs).

  • United States Orders outside of California: The total for the limited edition Tiki Magazine Mug is $25.00 plus $10.95 shipping (or $50 plus $12.95 shipping for 2 mugs)
  • California Residents: If you are a resident of the state of California, we will add an additional amount of $1.94 (CA State Sales Tax) to your order (bringing the total to $37.88) or $3.88 if you order 2 mugs (bringing the total to $66.83).
  • Outside of the US: We ARE accepting orders from all over the world. If your order is shipping outside of the continental United States, We will advise you of the total after your order is packaged and ready to ship. If you fall under these parameters, we are only accepting payment by credit card.

PLEASE NOTE - Tiki Farm, Inc. DOES NOT ship to P.O. boxes. We require a physical address for ALL orders placed for the Limited Edition - Tiki Magazine Tiki Mug.


  1. Bookmark this page.
  2. Clear your browser's cache of this page prior to sale, so that when you hit "refresh" the active "Buy Now" link will properly appear at the time of sale. Click here for more information on how to clear your cache. If you're using Opera or some other browser, try a search in Google for "Clearing Browser Cache - Name of your Browser".
  3. If you have a slow internet connection, find a friend who has a faster one and use it.

The Limited Edition Tiki Mug offered on this page is not and cannot be combined with other  items in the regular shopping cart for the site. This item must be ordered from this page only and is kept in a  separate cart system.

Good Luck & Mahaloz!
Holden & your Friends at Tiki Farm

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