Yipwon - Silvertone

Our Yipwon Tiki mugs are inspired by the beautiful Papua New Guinea Yipwon spirit figures.  In researching the Yipwon, you will find some of the most striking carved deities in the Tiki realm.
Born of the imagination of the people that live along the banks of the Sepik river. The Yipwon is an abstract representation of the human figure that is made by the Yimam cultures of Papua New Guinea. The figure consists of several parts with the form of a bird. This mug features a tucked-in and modified, low-hanging "pompadour" inspired direction.
The next part is a human male face , a long narrow nose, and a mouth puckered as if whistling. A protruding ridge runs from the top of the head and continues down to the chin, apparently indicating a beard. Oral stories from the Yimam culture state that this figure represents the hunting spirit in human form. Our version is somewhat indicative of these figures. 
Each mug comes with a signed and numbered "Certificate of Authenticity".
Yipwon measures 9 ½” to the highest point (top front) and has a 28 oz. capacity.
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