Mr. Fugu


“Mr. Fugu” and “Lil’ Fugu” were both designed for us by our former Art Director, legendary lowbrow artist The Pizz. Whimsical in nature, both Mr. Fugu and Lil’ Fugu feature 2 left-of-center elements often times found in Tiki design… the first being the classic “Fez” and the second being the loveable “Fugu” (or Puffer Fish). Glazed in brilliant green, burgundy, tan, black and white, Mr. Fugu measures 5 3/8” in height and has a 20 ounce capacity, while Lil’ Fugu measures 2 11/16” in height and holds 2 ounces (double shot!). We hope you dig ‘em and add Mr. Fugu and Lil’ Fugu to your growing collection of our Tiki Farm wares!

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