Moko Moai


It is safe to say, with limited room for argument, that no other carver in Tiki has influenced and inspired more modern day Tiki carvers more than our old dear friend, legendary Ben “Benzart” Davis. There is something about Benzart’s carvings that make them stand alone from the others, something so engaging and beautiful that it borders surreal.  What that is, is Ben’s ability to give his carvings an extremely human-like aura. Yes, his carvings are absolutely Tiki and his knowledge of Tiki surpasses most that we know, but it is this unique ability of Ben’s to engage you with his human like style that so many of us hardcore Tikiphiles find so mesmerizing.

Having produced our vastly popular “Vicious” and “Malicious” mugs inspired by his carvings back in 2006, we feel our newest venture Benzart is our finest collaboration to-date.  Be prepared for a beautiful mug here folks. 

We proudly present to you “Moko Moai” designed by Benzart!

Moko Moai is a replica of an original Benzart sculpture. Moko Moai is Ben’s vision of a hybrid version of an Easter Island Moai and a Maori Tiki, evidenced by the traditional heavy Maori tattooing (also known as “Moko”). You can see how we refer to Ben’s unique ability to bring out human facial characteristics in this wonderful design – it is breathtaking. The entire exterior is glazed in our traditional “Tiki” gloss brown with green eyes and a green interior. It has been a long time since we’ve glazed a Tiki Farm open edition mug’s entire exterior surface in all gloss brown, but with this particular mug, the design is so engaging that we wanted to keep the focus on the design and not on the glaze.

Moko Moai is further embellished with a green (we were going for faux jade) Tiki pendant cast in resin that we made from a direct pull of one of Benzart’s pendant carvings. The price of the mug includes this wonderful added pendant. Isn’t that awesome!?!

Moko Moai is also a very large mug, measuring 8 3/8” in height and having a liquid capacity of just over 16 fluid ounces.

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