Miscellaneous Tiki Stuff...!

By Max Toner

We were very happy and surprised to have recently received one of our old "Tiki Coloring Pages" all colored-in and then sent off to our office. Many thanks to Max Toner (now aged 6... happy birthday Max) of Sandy, Utah and his mom, Aimee.

Here's just one example of the hundreds of sculpts that

we've done over the years.  This one is by master sculptor

Al Evans, or you may know him as "Crazy Al"!  This is

another exclusive design (their Logo "Mascot") that we did for our

friends at Electric Tiki Design.

Another custom design commissioned to Tiki Farm

I'm not sure if you knew this art existed or if we even

posted this on our website.  This art was produced

by Jody Dailey showing Sven's evolution visa vie

the Cocktail into his ultimate Sven-Tiki Moai form! 

And here's the legend himself!  Kanes & Wahines...

Mr. Sven Kirsten!


Danny "Bonaduccitiki".  I was promised a photo of a famous

celebrity with one of our mugs if we sent a bunch of them for

free to the producers of the annual TV Land awards for their

celebrity gift bags...

that's the last time I'm sending them my mugs for free!

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