Ku Ku Clock Tiki Mug, Honey Golden Brown


We present to you our Open Edition of our Ku Ku Clock Tiki mug, glazed in honey golden brown. Our mighty little Ku gave the former tenant, a traditional Cuckoo Clock Bird… the ousting (please, check out the back of mug for our little bound & tied feathered friend)! Now, Ku “Rules the Roost” of our Thor designed Tiki Farm mug. Note the whimsical play on the clock with the weights transformed into netted glass floats and the pendulum… why it’s now a swinging pineapple! Our open edition Ku Ku Clock mug is a fun diversion into new, creative Tiki mug territory. Made in Mexico, this mug measures 7 ¾” in height and has an ample 19 fluid ounce capacity.

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