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IMPORTANT: If you just want to order the keychains and no other items, please call us with your order toll-free at (800) 357-3360. Our shopping cart is set-up to account for heavier items (like mugs) and if you order through our cart, you will pay too much in freight. If you call us directly, we will bill you only $2 for the 1st keychain and $1 for each additional one ordered.

Uncle Menehune Bobbing Doll & Aunty Menehune Bobbing Doll ; We've got a limited supply of these awesome little bobbing dolls. The quality is truly exceptional on these. Even the tapa cloth material was made to be identical to the originals. They're both nicely boxed and ready for wrapping. These were made by a Japanese friend of mine for distribution exclusively in Japan. You're gonna get a kick out of the text on the packaging for both the key chains & the bobbing dolls... "Install immediately for best results"... I love Japenglish! Uncle & Aunty measure 5 3/4" each.

Uncle Menehune - Price: SOLD OUT!

Aunty Menehune - Price: SOLD OUT!

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