About Us

Every day is a blast at Tiki Farm! Our customers are some of the coolest people around and we enjoy what we do way more than we can tell you here! If you're ever in our area, be sure to stop on by & check it out!

Tiki Farm's roots came from a previous .com business venture called (now defunct).  Holden Westland started eBachelorpad with his good pal Charlie Rubel, webmaster & proprietor of We had one of the earliest e-commerce sites featuring "Tiki" with an entire section dedicated to Tiki. We were frustrated with the quality of the mugs that we were selling and we thought "how hard can it be to make a ceramic Tiki mug"? Well, it wasn't quite as easy as we thought, but we decided to set-out to manufacturer high quality new designs that are affordable... about the same price as a screenprinted coffee mug.

Well, time has passed and we've since gone on to become the largest manufacturer of Tiki mugs in the world. It is argued that we have produced more mugs & designs then all other manufacturers combined - ever. I can't tell you the exact number of designs but there is a coffee table book currently being developed by a well-known publisher about the history of the Tiki Farm mugs. If I had to estimate the total number of designs, 1,000 sounds about right.As for the total quantity of mugs, that's even harder. 2 million sounds like a good estimate.

Most all of our mugs have gone on to become collectible in some way, shape or form. Our lower run limited edition earlier mugs are now quite valuable. I've seen some sell for the $200-$300 range. But what's great is that you can buy our newer mugs for right around $20.

People think we are this giant company but we are not. We employ a total of 4 people in our San Clemente office & have 7 full-time people strictly dedicated to Tiki Farm production at the factory.

We work with some of the most recognized artist's in today's Tiki/Lowbrow movement. Our stable of artists includes...


Von Franco

The Pizz

Crazy Al

Jimmy C.

Drew Brophy


Joe Vitale

Donella Vitale

Tiki Diablo


Marcus Pizzuti

Kevin Kidney

Jody Daily

Derek Yaniger

Rick Rietveld

Dirty Donny


Mark Swanson

Sam Gambino


Purple Jade

Big Toe

Mitch O'Connell

Ken Ruzic

We have been commissioned to produce custom mugs for literally 100's of bars, restaurants, resorts & luau's throughout the world. Other companies commissioning Tiki Farm to-date include: Mattel, Fender Instruments, Emeril Lagassi, Trader Vic's, Don Ho Enterprises, Cheeseburger in Paradise, the House of Blues and many others.

We will always keep it fresh for you our fanatical Tiki friends! We will continue to do our best to introduce countless new mugs and other Tiki related epherma indefinitely and all the while, retiring existing products to lend to their ultimate collectibility. We dig you because you rock… you know who you are! Thanks to our friends, families and fans - without you we'd, well, the Farm wouldn't exist!


Holden Westland, Owner & Founder